Mattress Guide


Open Coil Mattress


The “Bonnel” spring type of mattress offers different levels of comfort and quality ranging from low cost kids beds and adult spare beds to luxuriously upholstered regular use beds giving good support. With various degrees of firmness, this mattress type covers a spectrum of tastes.

Our mattresses can either be tufted with felt or wool buttons or quilted using a high quality knitted fabric, top grade damasks or cotton fabrics.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

A pocket sprung mattress offers optimum support and comfort. Springs are encased in individual pockets, allowing them to move independently and react to the weight applied to them. This prevents sleep disturbance when sharing a bed and allows the mattress surface to contour the body, relieving pressure from the spine, hips and joints.


Foam Mattresses


Foam is a synthetic material used in many different forms in the manufacture of mattresses. It can be used in conjunction with springs, or on its own. Where a full foam mattress is required, careful consideration is needed to determine the overall feel you would like and the sort of base the mattress will have. Our foam mattress is of a composite nature with multiple layers of different foams. A firm supportive base layer is topped with a comfort layer, usually of Visco Elastic Memory Foam.

Differing thickness combinations of the two foams offer a very different overall feel.